Damage the Timeseries MARΒΆ

This example shows how to artificially damage a time series by uniform distributed removal of data (MAR = ‘Missing At Random’) for experimental analyses. The percentage of missing data is a parameter of the preprocessing operator.

# Author: Nils A. Treiber <nils.andre.treiber@uni-oldenburg.de>
# Author: Jendrik Poloczek <jendrik.poloczek@madewithtea.com>
# License: BSD 3 clause

from windml.datasets.nrel import NREL
from windml.visualization.plot_timeseries import plot_timeseries
from windml.preprocessing.preprocessing import destroy

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.dates as md
from pylab import *

from numpy import array

ds = NREL()
turbine = ds.get_turbine(NREL.park_id['tehachapi'], 2004)
measurements = turbine.get_measurements()[:1000]
damaged, indices = destroy(measurements, method='mar', percentage=.80)

d = array([m[0] for m in measurements])
y1 = array([m[1] for m in measurements]) #score
y2 = array([m[2] for m in measurements]) #speed

d_hat = array([m[0] for m in damaged])
y1_hat = array([m[1] for m in damaged])
y2_hat = array([m[2] for m in damaged])

d_time = []
for i in range (len(d)):
    d_act = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(d[i])

d_time_hat = []
for i in range (len(d_hat)):
    d_act_hat = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(d_hat[i])

with plt.style.context("fivethirtyeight"):
    figure = plt.figure(figsize=(15, 10))
    plt.xticks(rotation = 75)
    xfmt = md.DateFormatter('%Y/%m/%d %H-h')
    plt.ylim(-2, 32)
    plt.ylabel("Corrected Power (MW), Wind Speed (m/s)")
    plt.plot(d_time, y1, label = 'Power Production', color="b", alpha=0.5)
    plt.plot(d_time, y2, label = 'Wind Speed', color="g", alpha=0.5)
    plt.plot(d_time_hat, y1_hat, label = 'Power Production (damaged)',
        color="b", linestyle=".", marker="o")
    plt.plot(d_time_hat, y2_hat, label = 'Wind Speed (damaged)', color="g",
        marker="o", linestyle=".")
    plt.legend(loc='lower right')
    plt.title("Timeseries of the Selected Turbine")


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